Daryl’s NEW BOOK– POSITOPES: All Things Positive

Written by Daryl
Hi Everyone, 
I am proud to announce my NEWEST published book– POSITOPES™: ALL THINGS POSITIVE. I was inspired to write this book after my dear friend Alphine Kleeman passed away.  Alphine always believed in me and stayed loyal all the way to the end. She always inspired me and provided insight to keep me forging on even through adversity. She was a positive, caring, loving person and one who I will never forget. I truly miss her. This book is dedicated to Alphine Kleeman.

In today’s world, negativity, seems to be the main energy projecting from society. Negative energy poisons true consciousness and the further development of universal intelligence. The human species is regressing back to a primitive intellect where fear, hate, and anxiety rule the collective consciousness of society. In order to wipe out negativity there must be a shift in consciousness. Positive energy is derived through positopic transmission.

A positope is the positive energy that radiates from a person, place, or thing received by an energy system (human) through touch, taste, sight, smell, sound, and intuition. Seeking out positopes each day can help create positive energy within you, which can then be transferred into the mass of collective energy.

Positopes™ is a new discovery in the power of positive thinking and consciousness. I challenge you to open up your mind and let these new concepts of positive thinking enter into your stream of consciousness influencing you to become a more positive source of energy and to do great things in this world. 
POSITOPES™ can be purchased from my website www.darylconant.com or you can stop by The Fitness Nut House™ and purchase it there. 

Daryl Conant