It’s All About Nutrition

Exercise is only a metabolic booster that breaks down protein from the body. It is essential to rebuild vital muscle tissue through diet. A person can exercise all they want and will NEVER see results unless they know how to effectively eat. I see time and time again people exercising frantically in hopes to see a change in their body but to no avail. These types of folks just don’t seem to understand how the body works. You see it is not about taking more classes, or training for one to two hours more, or running on a treadmill longer than 30 minutes. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO NUTRITION. You can go to all the fancy exercise classes in the world being taught by all the greatest instructors in the world, but the bottom line is that you will not see the results you desire if you eat incorrectly.

The physiology of the body doesn’t change just because a person is in a pretty room with fancy machines. Human physiology reacts the same way if you are working on a farm for 12 hours picking up hay bails or if you are lifting 100 pound bars over your head in a gym. Tissue breakdown is the same in both cases. Exercise only provides a metabolic boost to the body. It helps you to breakdown the tissue so that during recovery you rebuild more muscle tissue with proper nutrition. More muscle tissue means more activation of the enzymes to help burn sugar and fat more effectively. However, if you have no idea of the correct sequence of nutritional support following an exercise bout then you are doomed for FAILURE. I don’t care how pretty the aerobic instructor is or how pretty the exercise facility is, or how great the music system is, or how many people are in a class, etc, etc, etc. IT IS ALL ABOUT NUTRITION!!!!

What I teach to my clients is the correct methods for losing body fat while increasing or maintaining vital muscle tissue. I offer a complete system that combines both education of effective exercise and nutritional support. If you are only performing exercise without proper nutrition you will FAIL in your attempt to transform your body.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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