Changing The Stimulus

In order to keep the muscles in a constant state of growth it is important to change the stimulus on a regular basis. One of the greatest failures in training is not knowing how or when to change the routine. If you are constantly performing the same rep and set scheme for months on end your muscles will adapt to the stimulus. When the muscle adapts to the stimulus the physiology of the cell becomes stagnant. The enzymes begin to shrink. Fat storage increases.

Here are my recommendations:

* Change the exercise routine every 3 weeks.

* Incorporate special routine techniques to increase (shock) stimulation.

* Avoid performing too many exercises per muscle group.

* Take less rest periods between sets. You should only need 6 deep breaths in between sets.

* Add weight to the bar once a week.

* Workout no longer than 40 minutes

* Avoid performing too many abdominal exercises. example, 1000 sit-ups.

* Avoid leg raises for developing abdominals

* Make the exercise as challenging as possible. If it is easy it isn’t doing anything. Find a way to make it harder.

* Maintain proper nitrogen levels.

I am always amazed at how many people have no idea what they are doing when it comes to exercise. So many people are wasting their time and don’t even know it. The reason for their failure is the following:

* Ignorant about how the body works; Muscle metabolism, fat metabolism

* Overtraining

* Not eating correctly

* Emotionally over stressed

* No goals

* Not lifting enough resistance to stimulate muscle tissue to breakdown

* Not recovering correctly

* Not getting enough sleep

* Drinking Alcohol, Smoking

* Over stimulating with Caffeine

* Not knowing how to perform correct movement patterns for each muscle

* Lack motivation (go through the motions)

* Lack discipline

* Afraid of good pain

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