Daryl’s Fit Tip of The Day

Written by Daryl

Cool Down

After your workout a cool down is equally important. Your body will have built up chemicals in your muscles. And, you may also have incurred a collection of microscopic muscle strains and tears. A cool-down simply raises your breathing without overstraining your muscles. It also increases the concentration of oxygen within the blood. This process helps to gently “wash out” chemicals and other toxins (such as lactic acid) from your muscles.

An appropriate Cool-Down will:

• Aid in the dissipation of waste products– including lactic acid

• Reduce the potential for DOMS (Delayed

Onset of Muscle Soreness)

• Reduce the chances of dizziness or fainting

   caused by the pooling of   

   venous blood at the extremities.

• Reduce the level of adrenaline in the blood.