The Root of Most Disease Starts in the Digestive System

We have two distinct nerve centers in the body, the brain/ spine and the the solar plexus. If the solar plexus is influenced by poor nutrient exchange the risk of developing physical and psychologcial disease.  Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. believed that all disease manifests from the gut. A few thousand years later it has been proven that Hippocrates was correct. The digestive system is host to trillions of good and bad bacteria. There is a direct link to the health of the digestive tract and the immune system. Many of the ailments that affect millions of people can easily be resolved if they would only clean out their colons and establish a high concentration of good bacteria. Unfortunately, the pollution of junk food, chemicals, and dirty air will increase the level of bad bacteria in the gut. When high levels of bad bacteria is present the immune system has to work extremely hard to try to rid the bad bacteria. In some cases, there is just too much bad bacteria and the immune system becomes compromised causing the systems of the body to work poorly. When the systems are not working properly disease sets in. 

Colds, flu, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, sluggish metabolisms, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, seizures, angry/ violent behavior are some of the common problems associated with a dirty colon. 

I recommend a complete colon cleanse to help re-establish the good bacteria count. Eating foods that are fermented can help tremendously. Probiotics are useful but not as potent as food. Yogurts, kefir milk, pickles are also good sources. I recommend re-establishing the colon 2 times a year. 

A healthy colon is a healthy body… both physically and emotionally. 

Daryl Conant. M.Ed.