Vince Gironda taught me a great deal about bodybuilding. I took what he taught me in addition to what I learned in college and graduate school and have developed a program that I am very proud of, and I think Vince would be proud of as well.

I trained religiously under Vince’s tutelage for twenty-five years. I know his programs in and out. After his death in 1997, I was left on my own. He wasn’t around anymore for questions. I dissected and analyzed every exercise in great detail. From doing his programs for so long I began to fully understand Vince’s philosophy. I have adopted his philosophy and adapted my own into it to develop new programs. 

After doing Vince’s programs for many years, I noticed that my physique was not where it was when I first started training with Vince. This prompted me to do extensive experimentation with his exercises and my nutritional knowledge. After years of experimenting I finally started to develop muscle like I did when I first started with Vince. I knew that I had figured out the riddle. 

The ELITE SYSTEM is the next level of True Natural Bodybuilding. It is a combination of Vince’s and my own philosophies, and Ron Kosloff’s Nutritional Supplements. The GAINS I AM MAKING ARE FANTASTIC!!! 

The cost of the ELITE SYSTEM is affordable, the increase in muscle is PRICELESS!!


$15.00 Per Month