They Don’t Seem To Care Anymore

They don’t seem to care anymore. Over the past thirty years I have witnessed all the different trends in fitness. There are some good ideas and principles that came out of those years, as well as, a bunch of terrible ideas and gimmicks. However, through it all it seems that the majority of folks are still quite confused and lost when it comes to understanding the relationship between exercise and nutrition. I was fortunate when I was young to have an established goal of what i wanted to achieve with weight training. My goal was to develop every muscle in the body to create greater physical symmetry. I gravitated toward bodybuilding techniques as a way to isolate each muscle. I get a natural high from bodybuilding exercises, where as most folks find isolated exercises pure torture and boring. When I was getting unbelievable results from weight training I felt that others would want this information. I believed that everyone wanted to build a body that was not just defined and chiseled, but also designed in accordance to good symmetry. But I was wrong. Most people could care less about having a bodybuilders physique these days. Men today are concerned with doing a variety of different exercises that are multi-joint, multi-plane and performing circus acts, rather than doing isolated body building exercises. Women are just concerned with doing whatever it takes to lose the fat around the hips, abs, thighs, bra fat, and under arm area. There really is no emphasis on weight training exercises anymore. I have received the best results when I perform isolated body building exercises, over any other exercise. Though other forms of exercise is somewhat fun and challenging, nothing builds muscle and creates better symmetry than good ole fashioned bodybuilding exercises. I will always bodybuild, no matter what the next great gimmick comes along. I have never deviated from my original goal thirty years ago. Pure natural bodybuilding is my life and I will always stay true to it.