Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: A Word About Cholesterol

One of the greatest fallacies in nutrition is the idea that EGGS cause high cholesterol in the body. This has to be the most ridiculous belief in all of nutrition. The fact is, eggs ACTUALLY increase good cholesterol, not bad cholesterol.

Did you realize that your body makes 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol in your liver and cells every day? Yes, it does. That is equivalent to the amount of cholesterol which is present in 333 strips of bacon or one pound of butter or 14 eggs. Our bodies use a ton of cholesterol for hormones and body tissue. An important point to know about cholesterol is that when dietary intake of cholesterol foods is high, the body will make less, and when dietary cholesterol intake is low, the body will make more. This explains why many people still have high cholesterol despite consuming less of it.

Taking statins to lower cholesterol can be a BIG mistake and cause many health problems.

I just thought you outta know…