What is Cellulite?

Have you ever wondered what the heck cellulite is? It is often seen on the legs, butt, and arms. Cellulite is dimple-like formations that appear in certain areas of the body. Mostly areas that collect large amounts of fat. The origin of cellulite is caused by the “gaps” in the superficial fascia tissue. This tissue becomes discontinuous forming gaps. Fat protrudes through the gaps causing the fat to congeal. Excess fat collected in the butt, thighs, and under arms can store large quantities of fat, therefore, producing lumpy cellulite material.


Rubbing creams and taking magic potion or concoctions will not rid the body of cellulite. The creams are a bunch of hype and false claims.


This was a great one. I heard someone tell me one time that the reason they have cellulite is because they have unresolved issues with their mother. If they resolved the emotional issues with their mother then the cellulite would be gone. Come on folks! We have to be smarter than this. This is absolutely ridiculous and someone is making a profit off of selling voodoo claims. Cellulite is not a psychological condition.


Cellulite is a predisposed hereditary condition. If your parents have cellulite chances are you will have it.


The best way to rid those lumpy cottage cheese areas is to exercise. The best exercise is resistance training, cardiovascular exercise just doesn’t work. You must perform resistance training. Resistance training builds muscle tissue and can metabolize off more fat from the body than cardiovascular training. For women performing barbell squats, using 85% maximum weight resistance, will greatly improve the definition of the legs. Lunges will also help. Most women who have tons of cellulite as they age usually don’t perform the correct amount of resistance training and the muscle atrophies (gets smaller). When the muscle atrophies the thermogenic effect is reduced. Fat then collects around the cold areas and increases.  This will ultimately increase the cellulite.


Eating healthy and avoiding junk foods, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, alcohol can help reduce the production of cellulite.

Junk foods make the metabolism sluggish and reduces fat burning production. Alcohol slows down metabolism and allows fat to store. Also, alcohol produces free radicals that can get stored in the cellulite.  


Trying to rid the body of cellulite by swimming in a pool or performing aqua aerobic is pointless. The muscle will not produce enough stimulation to create new cells to grow. Pools are non-weight bearing and are useless for losing adequate amounts of fat. I have never seen a women in an aqua fitness class, ripped and muscular. They are mostly overweight and have tons of cellulite. Get out of the pool and do good old fashioned resistance exercise on land. No matter how fancy technology gets or how sophisticated the pools are, nothing beats basic weight training techniques (barbells, and dumbells) for losing fat and cellulite.

So if you are interested in losing the cellulite that has collected in your butt you must perform the right exercises to do so. If you are interested in more exercises that can help the troubled areas please email me at www.dconant2004@yahoo.com

A Tidbit.

Did you know that overweight people who run long distances to lose weight actually increase the aging of their skin. This is true. Gravity pulls down on the skin when the person is running, the added weight from the fat causes the elastin of the skin to stretch beyond normal. This is irreversible. The skin of the body actually begins to look older in long distance runners. Take a look at the skin of those that run a lot. They look older. I prefer fast walking if you are overweight to avoid the gravitational pull of the skin.


Did you know that taking steam baths on a regular basis can be damaging to your skin. Excessive heat can damage the elastin of the skin causing it to breakdown. This will cause a sagging of the skin. Though there are some benefits of a sauna, too much exposure can be damaging to the skin.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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