How We Look

When you wake up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror do you like what you see? What you see is what prompts you to exercise. Most people exercise just to look better. They feel that if they look better then they will feel better and have a better outlook on life. How you look has a direct link to your emotions. If your emotional well being is compromised then your body will reflect it.

Here is the cycle of events. A person wakes up one day and looks in the mirror they see cellulite, fat around the abdominals, jiggly stuff under the arms when they wave, double chin, loose skin. They immediately get depressed and vow that they want to change. They have a moment of self perseverance they join up at a gym believing that this will be the answer to there problem.

They join the gym. They do cardiovascular exercise (treadmill, elliptical). Maybe if they are brave enough they take a class and perhaps do a few weight machines. They go home look in the mirror and see no difference. This goes on for about 1 to 2 weeks. Still seeing no difference in their body. Their enthusiasm plummets and they lose interest in exercise and end up going back to their old habits. They except the fact they will never change the way they look.

The reason why so many people fail at changing they way they look is because of the following;

1. They train don’t long enough to see a result. It takes 4-6 weeks for the neuromuscular system to adapt to the exercise. During this time minimal results are seen. It is after the 4-6 week period that morphological effects occur.

2. EXERCISE IS ONLY A METABOLIC BOOSTER. It does not fully solve the fat loss, cellulite problem.

3. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. I can’t say it enough. It’s all about nutrition. Lack of knowledge is the downfall.

4. Emotional distress. Get control of your emotions. Being stressed, anxious, afraid, upset, in a bad relationship, stuffing your feeling, angry, depressed, sad, bored, cynical, non-loving, hateful, non-compassionate all effect how your body will look. Emotions are directly linked to hormones. If your emotions are out of balance then your body will look the way you feel. People who are over fat suffer from something within their inner subconscious that has not been resolved yet. This will set off a cascade of events that will produce a shift in homeostasis releasing hormones. If this chronically occurs then excessive weight gain is the result. These folks will end up going to the gym to resolve their issues. But it never works. They will always remain over fat, unhappy, and searching for the next miracle machine or pill to make their body fat disappear. I see time and time again unhappy people coming to the gym trying to resolve their sadness, anger, frustration. Most of the time these folks are in a relationship, job, or situation that is unhealthy, destructive, abusive. The only way out is to either get out of the relationship, job or situation. However, due to insecurity factors most people can’t break from what they live in. They become victims of their circumstances. They tend to use exercise and dietary manipulation as a band aid to the problem. It is amazing how people look once they get out of their difficult situation. They are able to lose fat, increase muscle activity, are happier and have a better outlook on life. Emotions play a big part in the success of losing body fat.

5. Not using supplements.

6. Performing too many exercises. And not knowing the exercises that actually work the best. There are only 8 exercises that you need to look your best.

7. Living in a state of unconsciousness.

8. Time Dependent Aging

9. Increase Acquired Aging

10. Lack discipline.

To create a great looking physique every aspect of your life must in balance. Other wise you are just another gerbil on the wheel.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed