Can Someone Please Answer My Questions

What an exciting election. Now moving FORWARD, can those that are pysched this morning please answer a few questions for me so I too can be excited and cheerful like so many are today. It doesn't appear that anyone can give me a straight honest, intelligent answer about my concerns and ligit questions? All I get is persecuted and blasted with Primal Intelligence. But I am very confused about these issues and just want clarification. 

1. What are the actual steps for protecting and building small business in America?

2. How will the Middle Class be protected and built back up from the last four years?

3. When will Obamacare actually be implemented so me and my family can have FREE healthcare so I don't have to keep paying enormous $$$ for health insurance? Why hasn't there been any relief over the past four years?

4. When will we get help on Mortgages so more Americans can keep their homes?

5. What protocols are in place for strengthening our relationship with other countries to charge the global economy?

6. What protocols and policies are in place for strengthening our own economy?

7. Why are people who work honest and hard getting punished and ridiculed for making money providing for their family?

8. What protocols are in place to reduce the tension in the Middle east and terrorism?

9. How will the new socialized medicine work and protect against the future reduction of medical personnel? How will Obamacare be more efficient than other foreign socialized programs?

10. What is the CHANGE that Obama keeps talking about? I thought that was what he was preaching in the first election. What changes has he made thus far in our country to provide HOPE for all of us?

11. What is OBAMA GOING TO DO ABOUT THE NATURAL FOOD SUPPLY IN AMERICA? This topic was never ever discussed in any of the debates. What is he doing about GMO's. How is this administration going to keep us from not depleting our natural mineral and nutrient sources by the year 2025?

12. When will the government provide tax breaks for that are in preventive medicine and health? If there were tax breaks for health clubs and clinicians then more people could have access to exercise to improve their health. Which in the long term would reduce the high cost of health care? Less sickness = greater productivity= a healthier nation?

13. What is this administration going to do about the ever increasing Obesity rate in America?

14. How will the government regulate the control of big corporations and drug companies from our natural food supply?

15. What is the FDA doing to protect Americans from all the excocitotoxins, preservatives, and synthetic hormones in our food, that are making more and more Americans sick with heart disease, brain disorders, and cancer?

16. What is the government doing about controlling the credit card fiasco?

17. Will there be social security in the next 40 years?

These are honest questions. Please can anyone answer these questions? I want to be excited about the future like everyone else.