Five Ways To Reduce Obesity

1. Get Control of Your Emotions.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to fat gain. Stress causes the endrocrine system to over work to the point of adrenal exhaustion. The adrenals secrete corticosteroids, and catecholamines, cortisol and adrenaline. These water soluble hormones can become over produced to the point that they are no longer secrete compromising the adrenals. This causes a shift in the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight mechanism. The body becomes severely fatigued, and lethargic. The immune system cannot keep up with the high cortisol levels in the blood and this causes an increase in hunger hormone limiting factors. The end result is the fat cells become bigger and bigger. Fat is not released and this causes fat gain (obesity). Also, free radicals increase in the blood. High levels of free radicals can result in the demise of the immune system. Poor functioning immunity will result in illness or disease.

Emotional stress will cause many things to happen in the body. By controlling emotional stress you keep the systems of the body in balance and this will promote growth and healing. The healthier a person can remain the lesser the chance of becoming diseased, ill or obese.

2. Exercise Correctly

So many people are exercising wrong. Americans are taught that they must exercise with great intensity, long duration and frequent. The “all or nothing” attitude has been adopted by most everyone. This is a downfall for anyone who exercises. The problem is that people are not educated correctly about the amount of exercise that is needed to produce a result. Did you know that 85% of all programs for losing weight is diet and 15% is exercise. Yet, for most people they exercise 85% and eat 15%. Overtraining produces nothing but sympathetic stress. Why is it that so many people exercise and never see results? Because they are not training correctly. They continue to do the same things over and over without seeing results. They end up sore and lame for weeks on end in hopes that by killing themselves in an exercise program that they will magically see results. There is a very simple approach to looking the best you can. That is where I come in. I can design you an accurate program that will give you the results you desire. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REMAIN DISCIPLINED TO IT!!! Stop wasting time overtraining or under training. Get on an exercise program that is right for you. Not everyone should be doing cardiovascular training for hours and hours or lifting hundreds of pounds to lose weight. There is a simple formula that I use and it works. If you need help contact me.

3. Get Your Sleep

You must sleep 6-8 hours soundly per night. Sleep is when you release growth factors that help your cells regenerate, repair and re synthesize. Not getting enough sleep will activate the sympathetic system and you will begin to release cortisol which will ultimately cause weight gain.

4. Eating Healthy

I am tired of hearing people come up to me with all their crazy dietary habits expecting to get results. If you want to eat junk then go ahead don’t bother coming to the gym and wasting my time. I am sorry if vegetables taste poorly–DEAL with it. close your nose if you have to, I don’t care what you have to do, eat your vegetables. Eat your protein, essential fatty acids, long chain low glycemic carbohydrates. AVOID ALL JUNK FOOD if you want to see a change in your body. You must digest your food completely. Inhaling your food and not chewing will produce stress to the body. When the body is under stress, stress chemicals are released reducing nutrient uptake. Eat healthy. If you need help contact me.

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol, do drugs or Smoke, Drink Coffee

These pollutants destroy the cells and will reduce fat burning. Alcohol kills the mitochondria of the cells.  The mitochondria is the power house of the cell. It is where ATP (adenosintriphosphate) is produced. ATP is the energy compound that the body has to have to live. Destroying the mitochondria will weaken the body’s energy systems. Smoking kills vitamin B and C causing the CNS to be depressed and increasing infections, colds. Coffee destroys intestinal lining and good bacteria. Coffee reduces fat burning effect. Coffee increase sympathetic response.

So there you have 5 ways to reduce obesity. If you have questions regarding your body please contact me via email.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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