The New Year Resolution Bull*&$@

This time of year is annoying.  Every where I turn people are talking about how they are going to change their life and start anew with their health and fitness programs. Why do so many people wait for January 1st to change their ways. It doesn’t make sense. People shouldn’t have to wait for a day on the calendar to change their behavior.  My take on the situation is that most people are not motivated or disciplined enough to take on the responsibility of taking care of themselves. They need props and silly ritualistic traditions to force themselves to change. Feeling like they are apart of a collective society, they follow the unconscious herd of false expectations.  For those of us who “get it” stay in shape year round and love to exercise.  Here is my top ten reason why so many people fail at changing their body composition.

10.  Lack motivation and Discipline

9. Have no idea how the body works: Neuromuscular system, digestive system etc.

8. Can’t identify to good pain vs. bad pain

7. Don’t know the proper methodic to use

6. Have a low threshold to pain

5. Impatient: If they don’t see results in a week they quit.

4. EGO dominant:  They know everything about everything and fail to ask for help.

3. Not knowing when to change the program: Staying one step ahead of adaptation

2. Not knowing how to connect the mind to the muscle for better progress.

1. NOT EATING CORRECTLY: Not using supplements, not taking in enough protein-fats-carbs.

Folks if you want to change your body composition you HAVE TO EAT PROTEIN. I don’t know what more I have to say about this.  Some folks need to be hit over the head with a 2×4 to wake up and hear what I am saying.  IF YOU ARE FAT YOUR BODY IS METABOLIZING MUSCLE TISSUE.  To burn fat you must eat protein.

Here is my remedy for reducing fat.

1. Clean the liver, and cleanse the digestive tract.

2. Reduce stressors in your life


4. Stop all junk carbs: low glycemic carbs only.


6. Stop whining and bitching about eating protein.  Most people never reach the recommended allowance per day. If I hear one my time about people telling me that they have decided to cut down their protein intake because they heard some bozo tell them that they are going to blow out their kidneys from eating too much protein, I am going to explode.  I repeat MOST PEOPLE NEVER GET THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF PROTEIN THAT THEIR BODY NEEDS in a day.

7. YOU must take supplements.  I am tired of hearing about the state of our sorry ass economy and people bitching to me about that they don’t have enough money to buy supplements.  If you can afford supplements then stop complaining about being fat.  Rather than going skiing for the weekend which costs $77.00 per day per person costing about $ 400 for a family, stay home for one weekend save the money and buy some supplements.  What is more important to you BEING FAT or being buff.  Stop the whining!!!

Supplements that are a must for fat burning.



*Multi-Vitamin paks

*92% Milk and Egg Protein Powder

*Flaxseed and Fish Oil

*Digestive Enzymes

*G.H. Formula. THis is a new product from NSP and is absolutely fantastic.  When we sleep we grow. We need growth factors to help support new tissue growth. G.H. Formula supplies the body with the essential amino acids to help establish the growth factors during sleep. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PRODUCT!!!


Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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