Online Coaching

 Monthly Programs From: Daryl Conant


Types of programs offered.

Nutrition Counseling and Meal Planning:
I will design you a safe and realistic meal plan that will help you burn fat, sleep better, have more energy throughout the day.

Exercise Prescription:
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete I will design you a cutting edge workout program that will improve your fitness and athletic ability.

Types of programs available.

General Fitness Programs :
* Senior Fitness: bone building, fat loss, cardiac care.
* Adolescent Programs
* Teenage Programs
* Men and Women Fat Loss Programs

Sports Programs:
* Lacrosse conditioning
* Football conditioning
* Baseball conditioning
* Hockey conditioning
* Basketball conditioning
* Golf Conditioning

Rehabilitation Programs:
* Orthopedic Rehabilitation: knee, shoulder, hip, back
* Cardiac Rehabilitation
* Cholesterol / Diabetes Reduction

All programs include a detailed question form that will help me decide the correct exercises, sets and reps that you should perform. You will have a monthly program written for you. During the month you will have access to me by email. I am here for you and all of your questions.

$29.00 per month – sign up today

For the advanced bodybuilder I have developed THE ELITE SERIES. You will make unbelievable gains in muscle size and definition on this program. I share with you all the SECRETS to building muscle that will save you hundreds of hours in the gym. There is not another program on the internet or anywhere that incorporates my techniques. I know that there are literally thousands of experts and programs online that people can go to for their programs. Many of these programs work. But I made it my mission to develop a program that is not on the internet or is being used by anyone. I have gone out of my way to develop new training systems. You will be amazed at how your body will change by using my bodybuilding systems. A typical rate for a personal trainer in the gym is $65+ per session. You can get 4 months of the ELITE SERIES for the cost of one training session, in addition you will learn so much more than you would from an hour personal training session.


The inVINCEable Video Series is NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

I am very proud of this production and I know that Vince would have been proud of what I have done to preserve what he taught. This is by far the most elaborate collection of Vince's exercises performed on video.